The future of sustainable transportation

Best Transportation is committed to sustainability, as we work with our partners to share best practices to ensure the greatest environmental, economic and social impact.

We continue our ongoing efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of our customers and Best Transportation. Achieve your sustainability goals with help from Best Transportation and practices created with our promise to efficiency and environmental responsibility in mind.

Best Transportation has been a Smartway Partner since 2005. As a Smartway Partner, Best Transportation is recognized for our leadership in moving goods using less fuel more efficiently and with a reduced carbon footprint.

Best Transportation is proud to be listed by SmartWay as a SmartWay Dray Truck Carrier 2019 High Performer. Best is the only dray carrier in our region and the Port of NY/NJ to be awarded this status.

As an environmental leader, Best Transportation takes responsibility for emissions associated with moving goods. We are committed to building a more sustainable freight supply chain and reduce the impact of freight transportation on climate.

Zero Emissions

Best Transportation is proud to announce its first usage of a fully electric class A tractor, making history and becoming the first trucking company to use an electric vehicle in the Port of New York and New Jersey.

The use of the zero emissions vehicle is part of Best’s ongoing sustainability program. Best is currently testing zero emissions yard hostlers in the Port of NY/NJ. We will be adding 4 Electric yard hostlers to our fleet in 2019 for port usage, as well as adding a Tesla Semi in 2020.

These are exciting times for our company; we are investing in the future. Not just the future of Best Transportation, but the future of our customers, the consumer and the Port of New York and New Jersey. This is just the first step in our zero-emissions vehicle program. We are making every effort to reduce the carbon footprint of our company and our customers’ supply chain. The future is here and it is at Best Transportation.

Aerodynamics & Sustainable Technology

Our sustainable aerodynamic technology saves fuel by minimizing aerodynamic drag & maintaining smoother airflow.

Idling Reduction Technology

Turning off engines when not in use is the smartest and easiest way to reduce air pollution and save money. Not only does unnecessary idling waste fuel, but it causes wear and tear on the engine which requires more maintenance. By establishing an anti-idling policy and equipping each truck with auto engine shut off, Best Transportation’s diesel emissions are effectively reduced.

Aerodynamically integrated high-roof fairing or cab compartment
Tractor side extending fairings (tractor gap reducers)
Aerodynamic mirrors
Fuel tank fairings (chassis fairings)
Aerodynamic bumper
Speed governed
Idle reduction

Speed Governed Tractors

Speed governed tractors increase fuel efficiency by reducing wind draft and as a result, reduces carbon emissions. All Best’s trucks are equipped with speed governing devices. Along with producing safety, our speed governed tractors increase fuel efficiency by reducing fuel consumption, therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Fleet, Engine Maintenance & Fuel

Best Transportation owns, operates and maintains one of the most modern fleets in the industry with over 100+ company-owned power units in operation. This means we drive with greater efficiency, reliability and safety.

Our truck engines are properly maintained, resulting in better performance and less pollution than engines that are not properly maintained. Proper maintenance lowers emissions by burning fuel more efficiently and reduces operation costs and extends engine life. Our trucks and engines are serviced on site at our mechanics shop with company mechanics specializing in our equipment.

Our trucks are all in top condition due to Best’s replacement of retired old trucks with brand new ones. The average age of a Best truck is less than 1-4 years old. Our engines have highly efficient particulate filters, contributing to our pollution reduction.

We use an Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel that burns cleaner and aids Best Transportation in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We even recycle the used oil from our trucks to heat our mechanic shop in the winter.

Maintaining the Best Engines

Our engines meet or exceed US EPA Emissions NOx/PM/GHG Requirements. Best is subject to strict EPA regulations and pollutes less. With excellent maintenance, engines perform better and emit significantly lower emissions that engines than those that are not properly maintained.

High Technology

Custom Fleet Management

Our customized software and technology allow us to optimize trips and match moves to reduce empty miles, therefore increasing miles per gallon and reducing emissions. Full integration with Omnitracs provides seamless communication by digitally communicating with our drivers directly to their trucks, ensuring expert tracking of arrival times, departure times and reporting.

Omnitracs Technology

Using Omnitracs Technology, Best Transportation helps change driving behavior to make vehicles more efficient. Omnitracs provides the benefits of performance monitoring, which includes lower fuel consumption, rewards and coaching programs for drivers, and quick identification of critical performance issues. Best Transportation reports as much as a 12 percent increase in miles per gallon in the first year using Performance Monitoring.

We know intermodal trucking and we know the Ports of NY/NJ, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Our reputation and expertise in navigating the complexities of the Northeast Ports have made Best Transportation a leader in the industry.