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Drop & Hook and
Drayage Services

Best Transportation is the Expert in
Large Volume Drop & Hook and Drayage

Located directly within the Port of NY and NJ, Best Transportation has prime access to all Ocean Marine Terminals in the port. Our strategic location places us minutes from all Ocean Marine Terminals making us the ideal partner for large volume drop and hook and drayage services. Best Transportation can manage your volume of loaded and empty containers at your distribution center or facility with ease and without the worry of incurring unnecessary demurrage or per diem charges.

Drop & Hook, Live Loading and
Unloading of Imports and Exports

Best Transportation moves your containers, safely, efficiently and on time—no matter what your drayage needs are. We have the ability to pre-pull containers from the terminals and bring them to our highly secure container yard equipped with 24/7 security.

This option is perfect for any container, and ideal for large volume accounts. Pre-pulling containers off the terminal before the free time expires means no demurrage. Best Transportation then delivers within the off terminal free time and ensures the empty containers are returned on time. We can also pick and run a container from a terminal to your location, another advantage of being located directly within the Port.

Line of trucks

Advanced Technology Creating
Efficiency and Reliability

Our state-of-the-art system uses Track & Trace, which accurately traces the availability of containers in every ocean marine terminal that we access; this includes the Ports of NY/NJ, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

When a terminal makes a container available on their website, our Track & Trace automatically updates that container as available in our system. We can then dispatch a driver or set the pick up for your containers as soon as they are available—another reason our customers do not incur demurrage charges.

Best in Class Customer
Service Guaranteed

Our account dedicated customer service specialists use our advanced system to get your containers delivered on time. Using our customized software, our team tracks empty containers at your location and ensures that we return the “oldest” empty first. This means no per diem charges. Our professional team also provides custom reporting, which is tailored to our individual customers’ needs.

Communication is key; our team keeps our customers satisfied with real-time updates and advisories as well as on-time deliveries and empty returns.

We know who you are and how you want things done—and we do it, no excuses. With over 40 years of superior and dependable service, you can trust Best Transportation with all of your Large Volume Drop & Hook and Drayage needs.

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